About Us

Our Goal
Our goal at BodyKits Inc. is to offer the BEST buying experience possible for all of our customers. We do this by offering:

A simple, easy-to-use web site that is available from anywhere on the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick responses to any questions or comments that you may have before, during, or after your order. We generally respond to emails within 1 business day.

Order status updates and online order tracking so that you always know the status of your order.

Our History
We’ve been in the import car scene since 1994, when it first began to gain popularity in America. At that time there were only a handful of manufacturers building aftermarket Body Kits for import cars. We are a Body Kit manufacturer and we make some of the kits on this site, and some are from different manufacturers. We are a Body Kit Distributor and manufacturer.Today the scene that started in the early 1990′s has exploded all over the country and, as a result, there is now a wide selection body kits and aftermarket parts available. Still, many people still have a hard time finding quality parts at reasonable prices. To fix this problem, Our manufacturer was started with the hope that we would be able to offer high-quality Body Kits to everyone, at everyday low prices, with excellent customer service.

Our Future
We are continually finding ways to bring new products and lower prices to our customers. We will be expanding our online catalog with more body kit and carbon fiber hood applications.

To Open Your Very Own Store
We are continually finding ways to expand worldwide, and we would need your help to expand and to open your very own location (web based and/or store-front). We provide the resources and the special low wholesale prices to compete and make more profit than any other store just by joining our team. There is a small one-time fee to open your own location, and we provide the resources, and the distributors of every product with special pricing just for us.We help you open the actual store, and provide any kind of support needed.

Email BodyKitSeller@Aol.com for more info or any questions regarding this opportunity.