Body Kit Installation Tips

All Bodykits must be pre-fitted before painting, and may require modification for fitment. We can not say one way or the other whether you can install ground effects and wings since we don’t know your skills. However, ground effects and wings in general require installation by a custom body shop which has EXPERIENCE in installing similar products. You have to be your own judge and must decide whether you can do it or not. However, as a rule of thumb, if you are asking us whether you can install it or not, then most likely you CAN NOT.

Please note that installation is not the only thing required in order to have a finished product. Prior to final installation there is a “dry fitting” procedure involved which requires experience in order to accomplish it properly, then there is the prepping procedure, then installation and of course painting. Even if you could do the dry fitting and prepping, we would have to assume that you can not do the painting, therefore you would still have to have it done by a body shop. Please note that we always recommend painting of the products after they have been installed for 2 reasons. First, dry fitting can not be done with painted pieces since you would damage the painted surface in the procedure and second, assuming that you painted the pieces after you had it dry fitted, you are still running the chance of scratching or damaging the surface of the product during installation procedure. Dry fitting refers to the procedure where the installer makes all the necessary adjustment to the product in order to make it fit perfectly. Dry fitting involves trimming, grinding and filling gaps in order to have the pieces fit the contour of the car. Any parts that are not in 100% new re-sellable condition will not be exchanged or returned! This is a procedure that is best left to a professional body man who has done this type of work before, since he can do it a lot faster and cheaper then someone who has never done it before.

Most body shops however have never installed a ground effect before, therefore for them it would be an unknown procedure which inadvertently results in either they charging way too much for the installation or claiming that the product is defective. For this reason we suggest that prior to purchasing anything from us or from any other company, you find the right shop to do the installation for you so that you will not be unpleasantly surprised. Unfortunately some ground effect companies claim that their products are do-it yourself items or bolt-on items or that they fit perfectly out of the box, but we can assure you that no such after market ground effect kit or wing exists whether from us or from any other source. The difference is that some tell the truth while others do not.

Some products may need more work then others and a lot of it depends on the design of a particular product, the material that it is made out of, the car that it is being put on and the most important – who is putting it on. All bodykits, wings, fenders, hoods, and any other fiberglass part that we sell is an aftermarket part. Most of which require modification before installing. A product made out of urethane or plastic is easier to put on than one made from fiberglass for the simple reason that fiberglass is less flexible then the other two materials. A shop that has only installed simple urethane side skirts does not have the experience in installing elaborate design fiberglass side skirts, therefore their first thought when they confront difficulties would be to think that the side skirts are defective. No two cars that roll out of an assembly line are the same, therefore the same product may fit differently on 2 different cars of the same model. Additional factors such as prior accidents, small damage to the body panels and overall use or abuse of the car over the years changes many factors which inadvertently cause the ground effects fit differently from car to car.

Finally the most import factor in installing ground effects is the person who is doing it. A body man that has 1 year experience in in stalling all types of ground effects in all 3 different materials would be able to do the job in less time for less money, then a body man with 30 years of experience but who has never installed a ground effect before. We realize that we are sacrificing consistency of our products for the sake of diversity and variety, but we have been told over and over by our customers that variety is more important to them.