Link To Us

Program Details

  • Any customer can get a discount off their order if they link to us from their personal or business webpage. They can do up to 10 links (each link needs to be to a different page of our website).
  • For each link, you earn a percentage point discount off your order, up to 10% for 10 links.
  • The discount is for life, as long as you keep the links up.
  • It has to be a personal webpage or business site. Some exceptions are accepted, such as a personal identity page on an online forum board.
  • If you do not have a personal webpage, then go create one, it’s easy and fast!


  • Links must be direct links, not re-direct links.
  • You have to call us or email us to get the discount on your order since we have to verify the links and then log your website information in our database. Our phone number is 714-924-3670 M-F 8am-5pm PST, and our email address is .
  • Links have to be from approved domains. See list below for pre-approved domains. Other domains can be accepted, but must be approved by phone or email first.
  • If links are removed from your personal webpage within 6 months from date of your discounted purchase, then we have right to charge you for the reversed discount. But again, if you leave the links up, then you get the discount for life.

Suggested Sites