Sponsorship Program

Welcome to the Body Kits Etc Sponsorship program. We currently offer many levels of sponsorships ranging from partial sponsorships to full sponsorships. To qualify for a sponsorship please send us a proposal to info@bodykits.org If we are interested in sponsoring your vehicle, we will contact you after we have had time to review your application. No sponsorships will be given unless an application is submitted. Sponsorships will be given to individuals and team members based on goals, presentation, media exposure, etc.

BodyKits Etc also offers full sponsorships to those who are willing to participate in project vehicle developments. To qualify the individual or team member must be able to drop the desired vehicle in Southern California, have a car listed below, be able to lend it to BodyKits Etc for 2-3 weeks, and will receive a prototype body kit for the participation. Other restrictions apply. send an email to info@bodykits.org for further information. Below is a list of cars we currently are sponsoring:

95-99 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
08-09 Dodge Challenger
93-97 Dodge Intrepid
92-95 Ford Taurus
96-99 Ford Taurus
00-04 Ford Taurus
08-09 Honda Accord
07-08 Hyundai Tiburon
04-06 Nissan Maxima

07-09 Nissan Maxima

07-up Nissan Altima
08-09 Smart Car
04-09 Lambhorghini Gellardo

Dealer/Distributor Sponsorships
Please fill this sponsorship form out completely, and mail your Sponsorship proposal with the form to:
C/O Sponsorship Dept:
2500 E. IMPERIAL HWY SUITE 201 BOX # 225. BREA, CA 92821

Your proposal must include:
- Recent Pictures
- Upgrades
- Future Upgrades
- Magazine coverage
- Show coverage
- Your contact Info.

After you completed this, you may call us to follow up on your status of sponsorship. We do not do full Sponsorships unless you are being shot for a Major Magazine. We do have many partial sposnorship openings available.